Maximise Operating Efficiency

Transform the way you work and enable your teams to be more collaborative and productive regardless of device or location with integrated communication tools, from satellite calling, instant messaging to file sharing.

  • Improve operating productivity by 30%
  • Increase team based interactions
  • Breakdown workplace silo’s
  • Built a culture of cross border collaboration
  • Improve employee engagement and moral

Improve Health & Safety

Easily manage your entire organisations health and safety program, by connecting and providing your entire workforce with the digital tools they need to report, track and analyse maritime workplace safety data.

  • Reduce fatalities at sea by at least 25%
  • Drive down incident rates
  • Promote a safety culture across your organisation
  • Mitigate risk and ensure Compliance 
  • Save money

Increase Speed and Quality

Make collaboration easy, so your offshore and onshore teams can be more productive, focusing on the tasks at hand and the work that matters. Don’t let manual processes and disjointed tools frustrate employees and slow you down.

  • Faster paced decision making
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Big picture transparency increases quality
  • Mitigate risk and reduce costs

Improve Crew Welfare and Workforce Morale

Create a culture built upon real time communication. Build a community spirit among employees by sharing experiences and interactions between departments, vessels, locations and shifts by using dedicated communications groups to connect and share company bulletins, best practices and news across your entire workforce.

  • Boost employee morale 
  • Improve employee mental health 
  • Reduce Employee suicide rates
  • Promotes an “open door policy”
  • Celebrate & Recognise Employees

Iframe Moving Map Plugin

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AI Automation

  • Flight status
  • Schedule tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Destination Travel Services
  • Programm…(atic/able?) advertising

Digital Workspace

  • Moving Maps (images…)
  • Inflight Travel assistant/concierge
    • Trip advisor
    • Book services (hotels restaurants, movies & shows
  • Air Postcard
  • Baggage Tracker

Inflight Wifi/IFE

All App features plus

AI Automation

  • Inflight Social Networking
  • Interactive e-commerce
  • Inflight surveys & feedback

Digital Workspace

Offline or via IFE/website direct onto customer device

No physical touchpoints

Bagage Tracker

For businesses that serve users in remote spaces, we enable a channel to connect, collaborate and automate processes for more effective customer experiences and better outcomes.

AI Automation

Virtual Assistants that reduce costs, creating seamless online and offline customer and employee experiences.

Digital Workspace

A unified, intelligent and secure platform that brings your digital workspace to life.

The Four Pillars

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