Automation of Workspace Management For UK Based Premium Office Building

FrontM Case Study


FrontM developers recently created workspace management chatbots for a landmark office building in the UK.

It is a purpose-built headquarters for a cruise shipping company and houses 1,200+ employees. With government restrictions being lifted the office space is ready to welcome its employees back to the office. In order to facilitate their smooth return, the company engaged with FrontM to build a customized app which would provide real time updates and notifications about the current situation in the office and include features such as desk booking and health assessment questionnaires.

These chatbots were built as a part of F-Apps or FrontM Apps which are conversational or non conversational AI applications focused on remote collaboration and driver greater customer engagement. The FApps are available as Android or iOS mobile apps and also on a web browser. The solutions were created and demoed in less than a week, which has been one of the fastest turnaround times at FrontM.


Description: Self-certify employee health to enable access to premise

Before booking a desk, every employee has to fill a mandatory Health Assessment which includes questions regarding their current health status. Based on the results, employees will be allowed to check into the desk or may have to retake the assessment a few days later. This is done to ensure the well-being of the employee and those around them.

Office Scheduler

Reserve desk before visit

Employees can now sit in the comfort of their homes and book their desk. The Office Scheduler Fapp allows them to select their preferred date, time, division and floor. Moreover, with the interactive building map employees can see exactly where they would like to sit before booking their desk. A unique QR code is generated for the employee to scan at their desk to checkin and checkout.

Daily Updates

Receive communications and notifications to keep you up to date

Employees are sent regular notifications regarding the office opening and general updates. From sending messages about the weather to informing the employees about a certain area in the office being closed due to maintenance, this virtual noticeboard has been created to ensure no employee misses on any communication and is also a great way to stay connected beyond work.

24/7 Assistant

In-house assistant to help on office related queries

An employee can either select their query from the list of smart suggestions or type in what they want to ask the office assistant . From why a health assessment form is mandatory to how to connect to the printer, the assistant has been designed to answer every question relating to the office.