Guest Connect

Connect passengers and guests to your open WiFi network in the most seamless and secure way to maximise engagement and conversion

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Make your mobile app the gateway to internet with GuestConnect SDK in WiFi hotspot zones such as airports, cruise ships and aeroplane cabins. GuestConnect eliminates adoption barriers by simplifying paid WiFi sales and automating WiFi authentication process.

Increase inflight WiFi Sales by promoting WiFi plans prior flight or cruise journey

Automate WiFi users sign-in & on boarding without SSIDs & passwords being shared

Enable geo-contextual targeting to engage passenger for e-commerce and promotions

When airlines sell WiFi vouchers only through the portal inflight, less than 2% passengers actually end up buying it. Add GuestConnect SDK to your airline app to see a 5X increase in inflight WiFi sales and engagement.

How does GuestConnect automate WiFi authentication process

No additional hardware requirement, a simple set up process to provision your SSID & Radius details to GuestConnect platform

Configure Access Point with specific SSID & Radius details

Integrate GuestConnect SDK to client apps, using our SDK docs

Enable the user to approve your updated app to install Certificate to the device

When Guest walks into WiFi zone, GuestConnect automatically connects device

Let us pre-integrate GuestConnect to your ISP to enable WiFi sales & subscription models

Drive contextual passenger engagement with push notifications & alerts


GuestConnect SDK is compatible with all Wi-Fi providers


User’s personal data is not gathered or used, device data is treated as anonymous