Bring shore & ship closer

By seamlessly connecting, collaborating and automating processes

Save costs with communications, collaboration, geospatial intelligence, optimised for satellite connectivity. FrontM apps and APIs are designed for your shore and ship teams.

Ship Operators

Optimised video, voice, messaging and custom applications to accelerate your digital roadmap

Cruise & Leisure

Harness connectivity to translate Crew, Shore & Guest transactions into valuable interactions.

Service Providers

Strengthen your competitive advantage with FrontM marketplace apps, APIs and custom solutions.

Ensuring shore-ship communication is available when needed, seamlessly, securely, is key for smoother ops

Crew’s ability to self-serve and feel empowered, cared and safe, has a direct impact on the mission

Simplify information access to increase customer trust

Connect & engage pax to excel in customer experience

Cross-sell media & retail to maximise ancillary revenues

Here is AVIATION 2.0, restarting travel by reassuring passengers and transforming their digital experience

    • Destination planner
    • Accommodation
    • Dining
    • Tours & excursions
    • Activities & sight seeing
    • Sponsored POI
    • Programmatic ads
    • Display ads
    • Video ads
    • Surveys
    • Ground transport
    • Airport Parking
    • Airport Lounge access
    • Wait time optimisation
    1. Duty free
    2. Duty paid merchandise
    3. Food hampers
    4. Home delivery

A powerful passenger experience and ancillary revenue platform

How to integrate FrontM

White-labelled multi-platform apps

Based on your choice of marketplace apps or custom apps, we’ll create the SDK with a custom, white-labelled, UI/UX designed for your brand, SDK. The SDK may be multi-platform, or for one channel at a time based on your business needs. This process removes your IT overheads and ensures a fast testing cycle and roll out.

Ready to deploy marketplace apps

Our product team, partner ecosystem and developer network are constantly enhancing existing marketplace apps and developing new ones. It’s a bit like Alexa’s still store or Apple play store. Select the first app for your digital channels and request for an SDK. After the initial integration, adding further apps to your digital channels is easy ‘drag and drop’.

Custom app

FrontM’s developer tools, pre-integrated data points and APIs enable us to integrate with your legacy systems, PSS, LRM, CRM or affiliate data systems at pace, in order to create custom apps. These may be to drive passenger experience, crew connectivity or ancillary revenue. OUR AIM IS TO MEET YOUR BUSINESS GOALS WHILE SECURING THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR INVESTMENT

Delivery methodology

2 Weeks

App Integration Prototype published on branded iOS, Android & Web

+4 Weeks

App pilot testing with fully integrated features

+4 Weeks

Customisation and Commercial roll out

FrontM platform tools

Maps, conversational AI, Personalisation and targeting algorithms, digital payments, offline caching, data analytics and 3rd party API integration adapters are just some of our developer tools. We are obsessed about the API-first design and programmability of our platform. Check to learn more.

Support & Operations

All our solutions are offered on a fully managed service model. We empower you with a live dashboard presenting key performance metrics, revenue calculations and analytics. Our infrastructure and performance SLAs are designed to meet your business needs. All passenger transactions and post sales customer service is handled by our trusted service partners.