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Put your people, customers and processes at the heart of your digital workspace
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Why use many tools for collaboration when you can use one? Digital Workspace tools have been built to bring ship and shore teams closer together. Communicate, connect and collaborate effortlessly, anywhere

Key Capabilities

Web, Mobile and Desktop apps offered via a standard multi-tenanted SaaS model or as an enterprise branded solution

Virtual Assistant
Intelligent timeline with frequent activities
Phone contacts & user directory
Dynamic groups private & broadcasts
Digital Marketplace always growing apps
Support groups
E-Wallet & digital payments
Network aware for allowances
Satellite optimised video & voice calls
Cross team collaboration

Bringing field- and office- based teams, workflows and everyday tasks closer

Hyper- optimised for Satcom

Satellite-optimised communication tools built to use less data with no impact to mission-critical systems

Critical Decision Support

Support decision-making by streamlining your operational data at the Edge

Collaboration Tools

Give your teams the messaging, VoIP, video conferencing, file sharing and polls they need to stay productive

Process Automation

Solutions built to support case based workflows, BPM workflows, data processing and third party integrations

Contact Centre Management

Connect multiple locations with support staff via call queuing, chat, voice mails, call backs and shift organiser

Customisable Platform

Easily integrate your existing systems and services into a single platform via a highly flexible SDK, API and low code framework

Built-in Billing

Prepaid and postpaid billing support. Built-in e-wallet with secure app store payments inclusive of CDR reports

Consultancy & Support

Outsource app software development to our in house technical team backed by 24/7/365 support

Designed for Satcom environments

Maximise your existing satellite connectivity with specific workflow automation via our unique policy-based routing design
Strict data privacy & secured cloud architecture
Highly optimised use of dedicated satellite bandwidth
Communicate with global teams
Real-time data sharing
Connect with 3rd party services
FrontM digital workspace and collaboration tools are certified by Inmarsat for use over Global Xpress platform

Inmarsat Certified Application Partner

Digital Workspace and Collaboration tools are Certified by Inmarsat for use on Global Xpress platform

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