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Worlds First SuperApp focussed on the blue economy to improve livelihood, productivity, governance and sustainability of ecosystems that depend on the ocean
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BeM, the software platform and the encompassing app suite powered by FrontM API, is the result of FrontM and its partners collaborative market research and extensive analysis.

The ocean is a common heritage of all humanity, providing millions of people across the world with livelihoods and contributing to a range of critical ‘ecosystem services’, from biodiversity and culture to carbon storage and flood protection, recreation and amenity opportunities. However, not all markts have the financial or technical means to share in the benefits of our marine and coastal resources or help protect them. And now, the ocean’s ecosystems are under threat from overfishing, pollution, habitat destruction and climate change. This is where BeM comes in

BeM is initially focused on fisherpeople’s wellbeing, for increased sustainability via connectivity, digitalisation of operations, tracking, regulatory compliance and data analytics.

Deliver to 360 connectivity & automation for

Fisher people

To connect, comply, optimise operations & be safe

Create a unified management interface for


To collaborate, track and maximise profitability

Provide real time data & a central dashboard for


To define policies & regulate operations for sustainability

The ‘blue’ economy represents roughly 5.4 million jobs and generates a gross added value of almost €500 billion a year. However, it is one of the last markets to benefit from digitalisation. Here are just some of the goals for BeM

Support sustainable fisheries management, aligning social and ecological outcomes

Drive data to improve the understanding among policymakers of the economic value of marine and coastal ecosystems in general, and small-scale fisheries in particular

Educate to enhance knowledge and understanding of inclusive policies for sustainable fisheries management so that fishers can lead thriving and healthy lives, and

Safeguard fisher people operating in deep sea from weather and collision risks, as well as creating a voice for crew who work in deprived conditions

Key Features

Catch data capture

Species, catch area, gear, time, KG, % of young fish… FAO/other format

Irregular data capture

Discards, presence of protected/endangered species, catch area

Location data capture

Local VMS integration, satellite device location feed or built-in device GPS

Local data processing

Combine smart feeds (IoT), interpret inputs, re-format, compress, send

Connectivity options

Store-send async process for seamless offline use, plus satellite & GSM

Intelligent insights

Age, weight-length, abundance, distribution, effort (no. of trips)

Simple user interface

Voice commands, graphical & conversational UI, photos, videos

Fleet manager interface

Web UI for operational intelligence, fleet perf. data & catch analytics

Regulator’s interface

Web UI for operational intelligence, fleet perf. data & catch analytics

Get BeM

A suite of Fisheries solutions packaged to enable Regulatory compliance and fishing company operational/economic benefits

All weather, ruggedised IP68, tamper-proof, long-battery, hand-held device with custom-configured fisheries software for Skipper

Powered by FrontM® Edge AI Software Platform technology that enables offline/near-user data capture & processing

Shore-side Web and API access of fishing data for shore Fleet Manager & Regulator, integrating highly secure cloud architecture

Uniquely, simplified voice-enabled data capture at sea combined with automatically derived contextual data, pictures & videos

Fully programmable with open developer APIs ( including integration with IoT sensors & 3rd party data feeds

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